Thursday, July 03, 2008

3rd of July: why am I in the office?

topics of conversation at work so far:

  • bill cosby is crazy and hates poor black people
  • the total problematic-ness of wanting to ship 'bad' people to the southern suburbs
  • where to buy bras
  • if bougie black people go to dive bars
  • names and possible goals for Ding's as-yet-unnamed all-female vigilante group (The Black Van Cabal? UPS - Underground Patriarchy Shitkickers)?
  • why the Taste grosses us out
  • how much more we like HRC now that she's shut up
  • why jesse jackson and al sharpton can't shut up (hint: because they're Boomers)
  • what eliot spitzer and jesse jackson and bill cosby have in common
  • why it's good to have a few things in your wardrobe that cost more than $16
  • the state of single black womanhood today (or, How to Remove Chocolate Stains/Doritos Powder from Sleepwear)

  • (why Kung Fu Panda? because he makes me giggle.)


    Orange said...

    Wait, what's this about the south suburbs? That's where I grew up! My mom's still there. Do not ship your bad people to her.

    bitchphd said...

    if bougie black people go to dive bars


    ding said...

    i have only found one instance of being in a dive bar and seeing other bougie black/brown people.
    (it was the Beetle and they all looked like professional black dudes in suits having a beer after work.)

    of course, that one instance could be the manifestation of Chicago's segregated housing patterns and gentrification, and not a comment on whether bougie folk hang out in dive bars on the whole.