Wednesday, June 25, 2008

yeah, no.

Obama asks supporters to help Clinton pay off debt - Yahoo! News


Orange said...

Maybe some hardworking white voters will chip in. And that's not me. I'm a lazy white person. I'm not Clinton's type.

Songbird said...

I heard a very funny take on this. Lots of her debt is to Mark Penn. If he hadn't screwed up her campaign so badly, she might have won. Ergo, Obama supporters owe his victory to Penn!

ding said...

let's send penn a thank you note! (politely worded, of course. don't want to be ungrateful.)

ding said...

yeah, i'm a biracial hardworking American. i don't think that fit into clinton's rubric at all.

besides, everyone knows all black women are angry.

i'm too angry to help her pay off debt.

bitchphd said...

LOL. Agreed.

ding said...

i mean, really!

i know we're putting bygones behind and uniting the party (whatever that means) but i'm saving my coins for the general election, not to save someone's ass who mismanaged her campaign.

anyone see bill richardson asking obama for help paying off his campaign debt? didn't think so.

(taking breath)

whew! carry on.