Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i knew it! MoDo=misogyny!

Media Matters - Report: Maureen Dowd repeatedly uses gender to mock Democrats

since the Gore/Bush election, and the putrid swell of media coverage from that election, i've always suspected that MoDo was riding a whisper thin line between political commentary and outright sexist bullshit. i can well remember her attacks on HRC, Howard Dean's wife, Teresa Heinz. i remember her columns about sweaters, wardrobes, mannerisms, and haircuts. i remember how infuriated her columns made me, with their high school gossip girl slam book feel.

and now it's confirmed!! ha ha ha ha!

she's a bitch!

(yes, i use that term in full knowledge of baggage, meanings and all the rest. i use it deliberately. MoDo is a craven, bitter, patriarchy-loving bitch.)

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