Friday, May 23, 2008

i-tal-ya! i-tal-ya!

am i crazy?

the italy trip is in a scant 5 days and i'm just sort of puttering about, making random lists in my head of 'to-dos', and i haven't done a single thing, yet, except buy a really great travel purse.

my friends are frantically burning CDs, shipping books, making lists of local sights, finding grocery stores, poring over maps, copying down recipes, or blurting out random italian phrases at each other.

('Non interferisca il bambino!' ok, i'll be honest. that's just me and Roomie saying that.)

meanwhile, i'm making stick figure sketches of my Italy outfits, imagining that i'm going to roll off an international flight looking JUST LIKE that!

lame. i should be buying more tampons in preparation for the menstruation tsunami that shall engulf me when i'm crossing the Piazza Pave.

5 days. so excited.

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bitchphd said...

No, you are not crazy. Amazingly enough, Italy is not part of the third world, and all the stuff you might "need" on your trip will be readily available. So the less you pack, the better.

(But okay, practicing a little Italian wouldn't hurt.)