Thursday, February 23, 2006

found: pants!!

so enough with shani.
not only is the topic edging folks real close to calling me 'bougie' (oh, anonymous, don't think i don't know what you're thinking) it's nothing compared to my new news:
i have a new pair of pants.

they're brown, cut straight and wide through the thigh with a very slight flare at the bottom. i wore them yesterday to the office and they were gorgeous. and you know where i got them?

forth & towne. i know - forth & towne!

it's hard for me to wear brown. it makes me nervous. what goes with brown? more brown. i'm already brown. i don't want to be head to foot brown, like a snickers. but these pants? love them. they cover my weird flat/not flat ass, actually make it look like i'm taller and straighter than i am and hit the top of my foot at exactly the right place, which is a feat since i'm not tall. and paired with the brown/white print jacket (also an object of love) the whole thing just cost a couple hundred bucks. swoon!

here's a word to people who make pants for women over size 14: these pants don't taper! the rise isn't too long! it sits at the waist and yet doesn't look frumpy! everything lies flat!

my only complaint: the pockets are still on the slant on the side of the hip and they pucker just a teeny bit. (i got hips, dude.) they really should have been on the front of the pant and 'hidden', you know?

[i wish i could show you a picture but i think they're afraid F&T will tank and so won't invest in putting their clothes online! come on, people - if you're going to force me to go out to the burbs at LEAST put your merchandise online so i don't schlep in vain!]


liza said...

Perfect Pants. The holy grail. Skinny girls have no idea. Alas, we have no F&T in LA.

And brown pants are perfect for sneaking in color; wear them with the right blue or pink yes, pink-not baby pink but a full bodied, almost red, fuschia. Sometimes the right burgundy looks really really good with brown pants too. yay new pants.

Orange said...

I don't care for the waistband height on F&T pants, but I have some sweaters and tops I LOVE. The cotton V-neck baby cable sweater? I have it in three colors. A friend of mine has it in two, I think. We both look fabulous in it, even though our bodies are totally different—I have shortish arms and big boobs, my friend is skinny and small-busted with super-long arms. This sweater is magic, I'm telling you.

ding said...

yeah, i'm hoping not all their pants sit this high. if their sweaters and shirts fit as well as this jacket, i'm a long time fan. they have a pair of denim trousers (no, they're not jeans!) and i want them badly. my favorite pair has only a few more months left before they're strictly weekend wear so i'll need a replacement.

but some things remain the same in my shopping experience: i still can't wear ivory twinsets (they make my boobs look huuge), skirts with flounces make me puke, white is an unforgiving neutral (if you can't make it chic, don't try it), and pants with elastic bands will never be flattering.

Anonymous said...

ding, honey, sew the pockets closed so they go with your beautiful curves instead of pucker. bring 'em over and i will sew them for you. t

Sid said...

What is this F&T? God, the glory of good pants. I don't have any non-denim dress pants that truly flatter me. If I'm going fancy, I'm going skirt, because I am all butt, hip and thigh. I need the structure of a stiff denim flare!

ding said...

F&T= Forth & Towne, the GAP owned store geared toward women who are too old for GAP, Old Navy and not as thin as Banana Republic and not quite ready to shop at Ann Taylor. (sorry to anyone who shops at AT.)

and not as skinny. their sizes actually go up to size 20 (though their twenty is cut like an 18 anywhere else.)

Dark Daughta said...

I'm tall with a short torso and waist. This means that my legs sort of start at my neck. It can seem odd to some folks because I look a lot shorter sitting down than I do standing up. All this to say, finding pants that fit (when unpregnant I'm a size 16/18) and that are long enough is a crying affair. I try to avoid buying pants, tights, panyhose. Tall queen sized is obviously too much for some manufacturers to rap their minds around. I may own two pairs of jeans that sit nicely atop my feet. Most of my pants hover around my ankles and I have to pull feats of majik like pulling the pants down so they sit at my hips with the crotches hovering well away from the true location of my crotch, then to disguise the whole baggy, ill-fitting she-bang? A sexy dress with lots of cleaveage to draw the eye up and away from the fashion problem. Most people don't catch on. But I always feel on guard and spend way too much time pulling and pushing bits of cloth back into place. :(

ding said...

sweetie. no one should have to go through all that for pants.

why won't designers and people who make clothes realize that women are shaped differently??

we have asses, we have thighs, we have butts that swell out larger than our waists, we have thighs that are rounder than our butts, or we may have long legs and short waists. or maybe we're delightfully slim and want something that gives us a little shape! we don't want our waistbands to pucker, we want our knees to hit our knees! we want the cuffs of our pants to hit the top of our feet so we can wear kitten heels or low shoes without dragging in the street!

women's wear designers, take heed.

Dark Daughta said...

Thanks for this. I really rage when I go shopping. Nonverbally cuss the store buyers and whoever trained 'em.