Thursday, April 07, 2011

asshat of the week: Idaho (joining a growing group of patriarchal f*ckers)

ThinkProgress » Idaho Rejects Rape Exception In Abortion Bill Because ‘The Hand Of The Almighty’ Was At Work:

The disgusting number of women-hating pieces of legislation being pushed through various state legislatures is astounding.

But I think the Idaho bill is particularly galling: even if you were the victim of sexual assault or family sexual abuse you would be forced to keep the pregnancy.

It's a double assault against a woman's body and mind.

These fucking men seem to have a real problem with women having an independent will.
You know, like men have.

I had a conservative guy respond to one of my tweets today and he seemed to imply that simply having a reproductive system automatically obligated a woman to use it to reproduce. Whether or not she wanted to.

If we take all these bills together, women aren't going to be allowed to make decisions about anything on our own:
We can't buy contraception.
We can't terminate a pregnancy if we are raped.
We can't terminate a pregnancy if we aren't.
Our exes get to sue us if we get an abortion.
We can't say no to an ultrasound.
We can't rely on our own religious (or irreligious) counselors.
We have to wait for an abortion.
We can't get an abortion in our own state.
We can't use our money (or the State's money) to pay for abortion.

What can we do, in this world these women-hating men want to create?

Oh, get pregnant, get raped, and stay pregnant.

I want to smash some testicles.


TiredProf said...

I used to live and teach at a university in Idaho. I'm really glad I'm no longer there (though it's beautiful country)

B.M said...

You might enjoy this