Thursday, May 20, 2010

and you know what else is hard?

being a dude.

i'm beginning to see that. this whole manhood business is a trip and a burden.

(i know! i know! but better late than never.)


liza said...

Didn't you learn your lesson back when NOBODY could answer that question in front of a tiny camcorder in college? What is manhood?

But seriously: I see the ways my little brothers have been totally messed up in their expectations of being "the man" and they have no way to critique or question it. The irony of growing up in a house full of women.

dlirius said...

Enjoy your posts..I'm an official "fan". I am outnumbered in my family
(3 males, 2 females) and
really do agree.

Delia Christina said...

@Liza - I was totally thinking about this when I wrote it! That was a hilarious project. There is such anxiety around not measuring up to expectations - and my expectations as a woman aren't that complicated: have your shit together, just like I have my shit together. (or a close approximation, at least.)

The rules for 'having one's shit together,' however, are really complicated for men.

I find relief in seeking outside help and advice; M-? not so much, I think. (And thinking about my dad, not much outside help/advice seeking there, either.) Their lone wolf tendencies are going to kill them.

Delia Christina said...

@ Dlirius - thanks for being a fan! i appreciate it!