Friday, August 14, 2009

an oldie but goodie: do manners trump bigotry?

This past week of town hall protests and white supremacist/segregationist rhetoric has tired me out.
Once again, you people have disappointed me. (And feel free to interpret that 'you people' as you wish.)

I don't even have the energy to write a whole new thought on how ignorant our masses our, how we clearly fail to read books and how useful it is to be knowledgeable of western history and be aware of what happens when large, ignorant mobs of hysterical white folks get really scared of losing their privilege and power. (Even though that fear is largely unfounded. I mean, really. REALLY.)

I'm so tired of it, I can't even bring myself to wonder what the hell can be done about it. I'm just about out of hope that our culture can bring its face out of the Cheetos to correct itself.

So here's an old post on manners: Screed: bringin' bougie back?: or, do manners trump bigotry?

From a comment of mine:

"well, as a woman of color who's getting mighty tired of waiting for people to 'get it', i guess i'm wondering if us folks in the target communities (women, people of color, gay folk) - if we even frakking care anymore.i mean, i'm struggling with the almost unpoliticized notion that i don't even care if a racist or bigot changes his mind or thinks harder about these things; at this point, trying to educate the 'masses' about privilege and bigotry is such a frustrating, brain busting endeavor that i just wanna go for the quick fix: change the behavior and at least make my life a little easier."

Sigh. Such a disappointment, you people are.


Orange said...

Eyes on the prize: They may be loud and they definitely are ignorant, but they have lost electoral power. Obama won. They couldn't prevent his election. And those "you people" do not have demographic trends on their side. It's just a shame that the media gives any coverage at all to this increasingly irrelevant segment of the white-folks demographic. I guess that's where privilege comes in, eh? Even irrelevant Angry White People still get attention.

Greg said...

Know I love and respect you even as I point out the delicious irony in your misspelling:

I don't even have the energy to write a whole new thought on how ignorant our masses our.

liza said...

Nothing brings out my misanthropic side like asshattery.

I have to admit, I did like those clowns who pissed of the KKK.

ding said...

@Greg: uh, yeah, that's exactly why i did that...irony. (cough)

@Liza: those clowns made me giggle hard. 'White Flour?!'