Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I cannot say this with enough emphasis: Get in gear and go vote.

Stand in line for a long time; wear comfortable shoes; pee in a can or wear Depends.

Double check your polling location.

Bring two forms of ID (one with a photo and one that verifies your current mailing address)

Bring along the number of the ACLU voter protection hotline and email:
1-877-523-2792/email at vrp@aclu.org

Vote all the way down the ballot (a filibuster-proof majority is our goal!)

Read directions carefully and take your time with the new electronic system.

[This is a special note to members of the youth vote:

I've already had to tell someone's undergraduate sister living in Mississippi, but wanting to vote absentee in Texas, that she can't vote today because she waited too long and missed her deadline for sending in her application as well as her ballot. Are you freaking kidding me??

If you guys blow this for us (as you did back in 2000 with your Nader vote) I will be seriously pissed.

This goes for all the little old people down in Florida, too.]

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