Monday, November 24, 2008

frak home for the holidays

I was actually going to write something heartwarming and very Hallmark-ish about how much I like Thanksgiving and how I'll miss my dead mother's recipe for stuffing but I just got off a conference call at the office that just about made my head explode. I have *no* patience for inefficiently run conference calls where nothing is clear and folks wouldn't know an action item if it bit them on the ass. I especially have no patience for consultants without a good project management bone to share between them. We are paying you goo-gobs of cash! Work faster!!

So work has destroyed my soft, gooey mood and made me cranky. I'm so cranky I'm glad I'm going to be staying home by myself for the holiday. Me, in loungey pants, with a pint of gelato, some chili that I'll make on Wednesday night, and a stack of creepy, guilty pleasure DVDs and maybe some nekkid action with a boy. Or two.

I haven't decided how cranky I am and how much stress relief I'll need, yet.


SiddityintheCity said...

Wow. Sounds like my upcoming Turkey day, but yours has boys!

I'll have Trent Reznor, but not up close and nekkid :(

Enjoy your holidays!

ding said...

i still might be too cranky for a boy to be around.

but the stack of creepy guilty DVDs is a sure thing.

having family live 2000 miles away rocks.

liza said...

It does, actually. Now I get your facebook boycott. Agreed!

ding said...

i hope everyone has a great, relatively stress free Thanksgiving!