Friday, December 14, 2007

when will i learn? never ever eat vegan. never. not even non-vegan fare served from a vegan kitchen.

i went to therapy today (rough) and went to a local cafe to decompress and read for a bit (it gets really lonely in the loft during the day). atomix. they're nice. the space is nice. the coffee is ok, i guess. (sort of gritty and burnt tasting but, whatever, it's coffee.) twice i'd been grossly disappointed with their muffins, which could be used for doorstops; so this time i went for the non-vegan peanut butter cookie.

grossly disappointed again! it was as big as a saucer, a half inch thick, and hard as a rock. i needed two hands to break that fucker into adamantine pieces so i could dip it into my coffee and gnaw on it. no flavor and utterly unappetizing as either a cookie or anything resembling a sweet snack. dude. i made better peanut butter cookies when i was in grade school.

i want to support indie cafes, i do. but only if their food doesn't translate into 'inedible snackage only a person with dead taste buds could love.'
as for therapy, issues covered today included: dead mom (the rough part), dad, hating the church of my childhood, dating, and finally moving on from, uh, B-. (the exact words Dr. C- used were "In order for you to grow, we have to pretend that B- has moved.")


bitchphd said...

No, don't move on from me!!!

Oh, *that* B. I was starting to think I should email you and see how you were doing, make sure your incision hadn't turned all septic or anything.

(And my god, woman, vegan baked goods? You know better.)

ding said...

i would never move on from you! (and as soon as i get my analytical brain together, i'll post something on Bitch. sigh.)

but, yeah. moving on from B-. it's about time. my suppressed rage at him for not being the person i wanted him to be was starting to seep through.

i tried to be tolerant, really. but i can't handle vegan baked goods. it's like space food.