Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Hail, the Conquered Hero - Dick Cavett - Opinion - New York Times Blog

i tried to come up with something snarky about this but i just can't.
dick cavett's sophisticated whiteness might be too much for me.


Orange said...

That poor Imus! So victimized by those mean people who couldn't take a joke.


Cavett didn't come off as just an out-of-touch white person, but also as a clueless man. You can't call strangers hos, but if you're personally acquainted, you can call a woman a ho? Okay, Dick. If only I knew you, I could call you a GD'ed MF'ing CS'er.

ding said...

imagine the kind of day you could have if you walked around saying the same crap that imus said and cavett defends.

on the cta: 'get outta my way, you nappy headed black ho!'

on the elevator: 'fucking christ, cracker! push the eigth floor!'

in the cafeteria: 'my god, what a beaner!'

it would be invigorating and, hopefully, someone would end up with their ass kicked.

bitchphd said...

He doesn't come across as clueless. He comes across as a fucking asshole.

Imus and his supporting cast were remarkably up on the latest slang, rap talk and inside argot of the music world, the sports world, the street and all minorities.

REMARKABLE! The slang of all "minorities"!

Did you know that when you go to a soul food restaurant, people don't say "bring me some more lemonade, motherfucker"?!? Shocking!