Tuesday, September 25, 2007


in offices across the country, around holiday time, a ritual grinds into motion - that of pulling names from a hat and buying gifts that don't exceed $20 for people you sit with for 8 hours a day. Secret Santa.

well, today i started a new office tradition: ManSanta. with the idea that it's easier to pick a guy for someone else than for ourselves, we picked names out of a hat and vowed that we would, by christmas, find a guy for our person to have a holiday cocktail with.

the rules?
take it seriously, be thoughtful and really try to find a guy for the person you picked out of a hat.

let the ManSanta games begin.
try it in your office and let me know how it goes.


liza said...

Omigod. LOVE IT. But what if all the single men you know are single for a reason? And what exactly are the rules? Can you go out looking for new ones, and then once you find one suitable for giving, do you tell your Man-find that he is a present for one of your colleagues? I know this would be so offensive if the genders were reversed, but for reasons that I'm sure are related to my other politically incorrect attitudes (a weakness for shopping and makeup for ex) I'm charmed by this.

ding said...

i don't think it's any offensive than setting someone up for a blind date. the intention isn't to embarrass anyone, but to take the pressure off meeting new people. i can see how it could be offensive if folks were an ass about it. but it shouldn't be like that.

like, you're at a bar with friends, or church or wherever, you meet someone, and if they're appropriate for the person you picked out of the hat, you say 'you know, you seem like a really cool person and i have a friend i think you should meet. yada yada yada.'

i know that i'd have a lot more confidence walking up to some man somewhere if i have a goal for someone else's benefit.

(i never look for myself, anyway.)

the rules are fairly loose but firm: don't embarrass the person you picked out of the hat, be considerate of their feelings, be considerate of the ManSanta's feelings and the deadline is the end of the year. an intro and a cocktail drink is all we're talking about.

i know no single boys. i'm going to have to ask my friends to send me candidates from their offices.

uh, but if anyone knows a cute, tall, funny, progressive guy who lives on the northside and would be up for having a drink with a tall, katie holmes look-alike who is also progressive and likes the cubs, let me know.

seriously. i have a deadline to meet.