Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the bitch has spoken: how the hell do people do this??

Bitch Ph.D.

the lovely Bitch verbalizes my every fear. the frak am i going to pull my Generation X bullshit together when everything is SO very out of my reach?

my only hope is for a flaming meteorite to land on my father and pray that he hasn't signed everything over to his church ministry.

but thank you to Bitch for letting me know that i'm not the only one.

(oh, and the housing market on the west coast is outrageous. when my sister and bro in law decided to move from their duplex condo into a house, they spent over $650k for a tiny, post-war bungalow in mar vista, right under the flight path of the santa monica airport. it's a cute little house but my kitchen, my chicago apartment kitchen, is 3 times the size of theirs; they have two bedrooms and two kids; and for what they paid, they could have bought a penthouse condo in the middle of the city with enough left over to send one kid to peyton prep. or at least a very cute prairie style bungalow in oak park.)

but, really, how do people do this?

there's a couple in my office and they've been mooning about this fabulous condo they've seen. they're both in their early 20s and both of them are probably going to ask their parents for the downpayment. lucky them and their very liquid parents.

(yeah, i'm a little bitter.)

frak, man. the time to ask my parents for a downpayment loan was when dad was still working for the lapd and about to get a big promotion - back when i was in junior high, dude.


Orange said...

Better still, the Chicago people don't have to spend a penny on Walter Payton College Prep. It's a public school! You have to pass the entrance exam, have good grades, and still beat the numbers game to get in, though.

Graduate education can be a lovely thing, but unless one is going into business, it's awfully hard to catch up financially for accruing student loans instead of earning a salary in one's 20s. I may be unedjumicated, but I does has myself a condo!

bitchphd said...

Yeah, Chicago apartments are nice, man. But you all don't have KOI PONDS, which are apparently the mark of all that is wrong with America today.

ding said...

i have a koi pond.
when you walk up the front stairs in my building, you'll run right into a light well and my landlord's father put a koi pond right in there.

rocks, burbling water, fish, fronds and everything.

so chicago has pretty much everything. except a working train to the airport.

ding said...

peyton prep is a public school?
whoo hoo!

see? my sister should move out here. and so should dr. B.


Orange said...

They should. But they should not overpay for their housing, or they'll pump up real estate prices and make things less affordable for you.

ding, you win with the koi pond!

ding said...

yay! i win!

i will miss the light well and the koi pond when we move. i liked that natural daylight would spill into the bathroom and i wouldn't have to use the light overhead.

naah, my sister would freak out at the winters here. (though, thanks to global warming, those seem to be easing up a little!)

ding said...

what's wrong with keeping an apartment...? i like apartment living.

it's nice!