Tuesday, April 11, 2006

oh, my kingdom for a black tie!!


i just had to turn down an invite to the hillary clinton event tonight.

because i have nothing to wear!!

damn you, black tie events! damn you!
(to tell the truth, the very thorough security check scared the bejeebus out of me, too...who knows what kinds of petitions i've signed in my life??)


bitchphd said...

What? Damn, woman, time to go shopping!

ding said...

i just did my taxes and saw how much money i actually didn't make this year - i can't go shopping!

you know what i did last night?
i went on the spanx site and looked at all the supportive nether garments i wanted and i whimpered.


not just because, while walking to meet roomie at a bar, my underpants rolled down halfway below my ass! no, i whimpered because ... uh, well, yeah. i whimpered because my panties rolled down my butt.

i need to go shopping. badly.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog often and enjoy your postings.

As for the black tie affair, shop vintage boutiques and bedazzle them with cute vintage accessories.

Patrice R. Jones/ Author, "From the Heart", poetry.

ding said...

thanks for your gift of mirth (truly) as well as the advice on the vintage accessories.

all i need is a black dress and something sparkly. then i'll be set! white house, here i come!!