Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Will the snow EVER melt? Chicago is in the grip of the yuckiet weather I can remember in a long time and I'm ready for some warmth. Any kind - body, sun, a hot brick ... anything.

A friend passed this on, a plea to Ralph Nader not to run. Weird to see how the 2000 election came down to a few electoral votes.
Complaining about corporate wenchdom is so boring, but I can't help it. The week has been ass-clenchingly busy and it's only Tuesday; Madame has been tapped to be acting VP for our client and while that's great, that's insane--for me (since everything has to circle back to me). So this means that I'm onsite for half the week and this could kill my already reed-thin social life. Friday I found myself catching a cab to pick up our client's birthday gift for her daughter at American Girl Place; I rewarded myself with a sweater, a new purse and a box of bao buns. Anything for the client...and now the Firm has been voted Best Corporate Skinner Box to Work For 2004.

I blather. All this to say I need to get out of town for a weekend to see my librarian. Soon.

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