Monday, February 16, 2004

trolling the blogs tonight...

i love the blogs, i really do. some are more rigorous than others, but there's always a fact or a question that makes me pause for a moment and actually cogitate (unlike this little thing which is merely another stalling tactic...damn you, little unfinished poem, i am ignoring you!)

however, the overwhelming testosterone-laden pontificating and the 'i was a philosophy, greek history and poli sci triple threat in college' posturing of most of them makes me wonder what they're really like away from the blue fizzing glare of their laptops. like, tacitus, for instance. fabulous, you're incredibly intelligent. wonderful, you're a conservative who doesn't make most progressives vomit. huzzah, you have fantastic critical thinking skills and wield a knowledge of the ancient world like a truncheon.

but, darling tacitus (or eschaton, orcinus, talking points guy or any of the mysterious guys who blog like fiends and make me wonder what they do to pay their rent), for the love of god -- grow a sense of humor.

blather, blather, drone drone, zzz zzzz zzz.

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