Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cleveland, texas: worse than you think

NYT: Texas Rape Inquiry Shows a 3-Month ordeal

I post stories like this on my Facebook a lot. I'm sure I make my friends sick with all the stories about rape, anti-choice politics, and violence against women. But it's so easy for us to ignore how our society hates women in so many ways. So I use my account as a kind of library of sins against us.

(But it's not all heavy depressing things like this. I also post about food, being gassy, feeling sleepy and work.)

"The police say the girl was raped on at least six occasions, from Sept. 15 to Dec. 3. Nineteen boys and men, ages 14 to 27, have been charged in connection with the rapes, the most recent arrest last Wednesday."

A little girl was repeatedly gang raped over the course of three months by multiple groups of men.

This world makes me so tired and angry, I could sleep forever.

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liza said...

I know. Me too.

To quote my favorite poet, "Don't mourn. Organize!"