Thursday, February 04, 2010

what are they thinking?? now we know.

Have you read the GOP poll results from the Kos folks? Holy crap.

They polled 2300 (massive sample) self-identified Republicans and the results made me spit out my cereal.
I swear I don't want to indulge in any lazy name-calling, but what the hell??

These are just some of their answers:
They want Obama impeached. (why??)
They believe he's a socialist.
They barely believe he does *not* want the terrorists to win. (a significant number, however, think there's some wiggle room here.)
They don't want gays to marry, have civil partnerships, serve in the military, receive benefits OR teach in our schools. (so how DO they think gays should be treated?)
They want contraception to be outlawed.
They don't want sex ed taught in schools.
They don't want workers to be allowed to unionize.
They don't want immigrants to be allowed to become citizens.
They think the birth control pill is an abortifacient.
They think the Book of Genesis is a valid lesson to be taught in our science books.
They think ACORN stole the election. (sigh)
They (overwhelmingly) think Sarah Palin is more qualified than the POTUS to be POTUS.

Thankfully, they also think marriage is an equal partnership and women should be able to work outside the home. So, I guess, yay for women. Barely. (Women also like having birth control, asshats, so that we're not constantly dropping babies - so that we can work outside the home.)

Oh! And this:
They believe folks who aren't Christian are going to hell.

What does this kind of fundamentalist theology mean for governing a pluralistic nation? (Which we ARE.)

How do you govern if your base thinks like this? I'm not being facetious. This is a serious question.

How does one develop effective public policy if your base is this....retro. (That's the kindest word I can think of.)

And am I the only one who feels a tiny bit of pity for these folks who see the world through such a paranoid, irrational, illogical, and ungenerous lens?

For the whole poll, go here.


Songbird said...

I would feel sorry for them if I weren't frightened of them. And I'm a straight, married white woman with straight kids who have already received adequate sex education. My atheist husband used to talk about how the Republicans really wanted people like him to be sent to live in camps; too bad they didn't ask a question like that in the poll.

Dan said...

Yes, a century after the suffragette movement, the ideas of women being equal partners in a marriage and being free to pursue careers have finally been accepted in conservative circles. But you missed the big point about birth control - once conservative couples decide to stop having children, they simply stop having sex. Because why else would you want to have sex besides procreation?

And since these conservatives don't need contraceptives, then clearly they should be banned so no one else can have them, either.