Monday, November 30, 2009

thankful for not having swine flu

basically, i spent the entire thanksgiving holiday knocked out on my ass due to flu. couldn't eat, broke into flop sweats, weak, achey, whiney and congested. lovely. and did i mention broke? yeah, good times.

also had the most alarming dream wherein B-/LTF reappeared, just as crazy and delusional, and basically stalked me thinking we'd pick up where we left off. the dream ended with me screaming at him to get the hell away from me but also panicked that i was missing an important work deadline.

so there you go: i don't have swine flu, B-/LTF still haunts my dreams (and not in a good way) and work is giving me nightmares.

happy holidays.


No Nonsense said...

I wondered where you've been. Hope you feel better soon.

Let me be bold (you didn't ask) and interpret that dream for you. "LTF reappeared (this may not be about the man himself but what he represents and the way you may have lived during his era)and you chased him a way (means you are no longer open to that life or whatever else it has to offer)" His image in your dreams may represent how you saw yourself personally --- relationship wise and how you interpret social events during that time in your life. Getting the feeling of missing "something important" could be interpreted as because of this relationship YOU REALLY were missing something that you deem important, maybe emotional growth I dunno (you'll have to figure it out)

You see dreams are usually not specific even though you dream a specific person, thing or event but rather about emotions surrounding your dream!

I'll try to find my book about dreams and let you know the title.

BTW I'll send my bill in the mail

Signing off
Ms Cleo :-)

Songbird said...

So you're better now?

liza said...

Fever dreams. They mean nothing. Feel better. :0

Joy said...

Liza's right. It was a fever dream. That said, you did tell him to get the hell away, which means that even your subconscious recognizes that you're done with him.

Hope the flu flees.

ding said...

ha ha. yeah, it may have been a fever dream (also, seriously drug induced) but i think that LTF/B- has become a symbol of something in my dreams: hedonism, misspent desire, carnality, grodiness, general craziness - i don't know.

but in the dreams i have where he pops up, he's always a surprising interruption - an alarming one. a distraction away from a task i have at hand. and, basically, that's how he functioned in my real life. he distracted me from what i needed. he was a placeholder.

but, geez, it's weird how he freaks me out even in my dreams. it's like the jolt i'd feel if i opened my email and saw a message from him. yikes!

ding said...

and, yes - feeling MUUUUCH better.

wash those hands, folks! you do not want this flu! totally draining.