Tuesday, October 06, 2009

calling all M- fans: ding is clueless

so, i need to plan more, and i'm really bad at planning.

for almost the entirety of our dating history (all whopping 5-6 months), M- has been the main Date Planner. he's way more into logistics than i am and i'm bad at it. (and, frankly, i'm really lazy.)

but i don't want to burn M- out, so give me your date ideas, Fans of M-.
i'm desperate.


Orange said...

I've been married since 1991. I got nothin'.

ding said...


i was counting on you, Orange!

jp 吉平 said...

did he express some displeasure at always having to plan everything? or are you trying to show your versatility? do you have something to prove?

ding said...

i'm trying to be *thoughtful.*

KariS said...

Ugh - dates. Anyway, from my experience:

Geijas (ah, Geijas, I miss you so)
Cooking classes (Chopping Block/Sur la Table)
Poetry slam at Green Mill (used to be Sunday night, I think)
Diversey Rock and Bowl
It's a bit of a schlep, but the Cascade Drive-In (this weekend showing a double feature of Zombieland and Surrogates - sigh - flawless drive-in fare) http://www.cascadedrivein.com/
Redhead Piano Bar or Jilly's Piano Bar
Soon, ice-skating
Guthries Tavern (board games)

ding said...

omg, KariS. you're a genius.
i totally forgot about the drive-in. perfect!

liza said...

As someone married since 1995, and ensprogged, and super lazy, I probably won't be much help. Most of the time me and Sion just go eating and drinking in various places, looking at people--basically what we do at home, but in public, minus the romping. Oh, and also, wasting time in bookstores (especially used) usually buying nothing.

For daytime there's always things like wine-tasting, an easy walk plus a picnic with wine and chocolate. The drive-in is brilliant. As you can see, I'm all for lazy activities with snacks. I wouldn't go bowling, however. That's a group thing, we tried it as a date once and it was boring. But then neither of us can bowl.
Roller skating if you're feeling sporty?

ding said...

we did some wii bowling at my birthday party and let's just say there are some hand/eye/feet coordination issues...(not me!) but group bowling would be fun.

i'm a lazy dater, too. our weekends are spent having some beers at our local, watching movies and frolicking.

maybe i shouldn't mess with success.

Joy said...

Mess with success! Mess with it! Seriously, it's really nice when one's partner plans the date. Even if it's just you making reservations at a restaurant instead of him, it's a nice thing for you to do.

I can't give you Chicago-specific ideas, but I love going to photography exhibits on weekend dates. Or temporary exhibits at museums and galleries. Going to a temporary exhibit makes it somehow seem more special, and thus date-like, than a standard museum outing.

ding said...

the international film festival is in town this month so there's that...

thinking this way also makes me realize how much of a rut my own social life has been in, lately.

when was the last time i went to the museum? or a gallery show? or anywhere outside of my neighborhood? i used to be a lot more adventurous when i first moved here.

No Nonsense said...

Fall back on old faithful "The entertainment" section of your local paper. Circle the stuff that interest you and you think he might like. Thursday edition usually carries the events planned for the upcoming weekend.

Good Luck!

Mun Mun said...

I say let him do the work.