Saturday, October 07, 2006

my stars and garters!: BG night

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holy crap. who else was totally stressed out last night watching the double episode of Battlestar? it made me constipated. is starbuck really going to embrace her psychotic cylon lover of death? and who else was screaming at the screen, "kill the child! kill the child!"? oh, you weren't? well, we were. (what else to do? commit suicide? no! kill the half-cylon baby! push leoben over the edge!) and, come on, Chief! who *else* would be your cylon-colonial contact except gaeta?! get your head out of your frakkin' ass! and who in their right mind would sign the cylon order?? gaius, gaius, gaius! you could have been a hero after the fact *and* you would have been put out of your misery! so short-sighted. and is anyone else giggling over the fact that they made apollo look like the dead engineer who briefly commanded the pegasus? (poor john hurt.)

i like fat apollo; his waddle makes him interesting.


john patrick said...

How do Roslin and Classic Apollo not get shot (I saw Roslin in the previews for next week).

Also, I'm sure fat Apollo will be skinny by the time we see him next.

Being a fat guy myself, I would have expected a lazy, soft Apollo to lose bulk rather than to gain weight.

I'm glad tv is back.

ding said...

if you see the crowd when the metal guys show up, Classic Apollo (heh) pulls roslin toward the back of the group. i'm thinking they somehow manage to hide/run/fake death.

and i read on boards somewhere that apollo will be back to size in about 4 episodes or something. apollo isn't my favorite (way too good guys are never my favorite) but i didn't expect him to get totally soft. ok, he has some issues; i would have thought he'd have just ... no, turning soft and using food to comfort himself seems right.

Trope said...

I'm interested in how Imaginary Six shows up at exactly the right moment to soften Gaius up, suggesting that his brain is still under some kind of Cylon control instead of him hallucinating under his own power. I think that she actually moved his hand to get him to sign the order, though only because he is a spineless little flea in the first place, and that's why he looked a little horrified when he looked down and saw his signature.

ding said...

i look forward to the moment when baltar thinks he's a cylon.

and can i say that chip6 is annoying as frak? annoying! sure, be seductive, but in the words of my roomie, 'seduction ain't all about the victoria secret moment!'

though i have confidence that starbuck will prevail, right now, i'm a little worried for her.

KariS said...

I've floated near the spoiler boards all day long, but I keep pulling back - I don't want to know where it is going. I can think of no greater compliment to the show than my willingness to go along on this dark twisted ride without spoilage - I believe it to be a sign of complete trust in the writers not to frack things up and piss me off. (Buffy? Gilmore Girls? I'm talking to you.)

ding said...

i dread the inevitable 'who's a collaborator' episodes. it'll get ugly.

and i was good - all weekend i could've read spoilers. instead i lurked on twop's 'BSG would you rather' board.

john patrick said...

I read all the spoilers. There's square dancing in the next episode.

ding said...

not square dancing!